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MOSO: bamboo replaces timber in joinery

Construction sector increasingly adopts bamboo for window frames and doors

MOSO, the European market leader in bamboo products, notes an extensive growth in the professional use of bamboo as alternative for tropical hardwood in the building industry. The recent introduction of a broad assortment of bamboo beams further stimulates the adoption of bamboo in semi-structural applications such as doors and window frames. Several key players in the Dutch joinery industry, such as REINÆRDT Doors, have already fully substituted their typical use of tropical hardwood for bamboo.

Fast growing alternative for tropical hardwood

Bamboo has quickly gained interest in the interior decoration sector in applications such as flooring, table tops, wall covering and ceilings. Also the sustainability argument increasingly gains the interest it deserves. Rene Zaal, director MOSO International: “As a result of several innovations bamboo is now considered more often as a serious alternative for tropical hardwood in the building industry in the form of solid beams, cladding and decking”.

Large potential in joinery

Deforestation of tropical rainforests is continuing at an alarming rate. According to the United Nations (FAO) in the period 2005-2010 an area of 8 million hectares of tropical rainforest is deforested, two times the size of the Netherlands. Because of the huge growing speed giant bamboo is managed as an agricultural crop, with constant annual harvesting of the 4-5 year old stems, and as a result no deforestation takes place in practice. While bamboo grows faster than the fastest growing softwood species, it combines this with hardwood properties. Zaal: “Large quantities of tropical hardwood are being used in joinery. This is the place where bamboo can play an important role to make the sector more sustainable.

Furthermore application of bamboo in projects can contribute to several credits for leading sustainable building certifications systems such as BREEAM and LEED, so it comes as no surprise to us that bamboo is increasingly prescribed for several projects. We also see that several pioneers in the timber processing industries, like REINÆRDT Doors, are adopting bamboo in demanding applications traditionally reserved for tropical hardwood.

Zaal: “Especially in the extra hard, compressed High Density® version, bamboo visually resembles a high quality tropical hardwood. However, unlike hardwood, industrially processed bamboo is a very regular material in terms of stability and structure (no knots, no resins coming out) and it is relatively easy to process. We are convinced that in the future there will be many more applications where bamboo will be replacing increasingly scarce tropical hardwood, for example in outdoor joinery, bridges and waterworks. We are certain that with bamboo we are at the beginning of a green revolution in the building industry.”

"After years of testing with respect to strength, flexibility, dimensional stability and fire safety, we have gained more than enough confidence in the material to make a full switch to bamboo. We have received many positive responses from the market about our move; Architects appreciate the special look of bamboo as well as the excellent performance on sustainability. "

Chris Hendriks, director of REINÆRDT Doors

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