Bamboo wood in CityLife Shopping District

CityLife Shopping District – Podium Zaha Hadid

Milan, Italy

Bamboo Panels in Erasmus University - Sanders Building

Erasmus University - Sanders Building

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Bamboo flooring, ceiling, walls, door and windowframes in Hotel Jakarta

Hotel Jakarta

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bamboo lighting made by Minima

Minima Lighting

Cape Town, South Africa

Bamboo flooring, wallcovering and ceiling in Rishonim Mall

Rishonim Mall

Rishon Letzion, Israël

Bamboo wallcovering and furniture in Rishonim Office

Rishonim Office

Risjon Letsion, Israël

Bamboo Doors and Window frames in Kolleksjesintrum Fryslân

Kolleksjesintrum Fryslân (Depot Friesland)

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Bamboo Doors and Window frames in Atlas theater in Emmen

Atlas Theater

Emmen, The Netherlands

Bamboo furniture made by Discipline

Discipline furniture

Milan, Italy

Bamboo flooring, walls, window frame and furniture in Campus The Hague

University Leiden - Campus The Hague

The Hague, The Netherlands

Bamboo wallcovering in OD Talamanca Hotel

OD Talamanca Hotel

Playa Talamanca, Ibiza, Spain

Bamboo veneer in university

Satebar Erasmus University

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Bamboo bookcases in the Central University library Trento

Central University library Trento

Trento, Italy

Bamboo flooring in Emmenfeld Retirement Home Emmen

Emmenfeld Retirement Home

Emmen, Switzerland

Bamboo flooring in I-O Building HAN Faculty Nijmegen

I/O Building HAN Faculty Nijmegen

Nijmegen, Netherlands

bamboo flooring at city hall Utrecht

City Hall Utrecht

Utrecht, the Netherlands

bamboo wall covering Aafje Care Hotel

Aafje Care Hotel

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Bamboo flooring in D&S Advocats Office Paris

D&S Advocats Office Paris

Paris, France

Bamboo Flooring and Wall at the Design Museum London Olympics Exhibition

The Design Museum London Olympics Exhibition

London, United Kingdom

Bamboo wall covering in the Body Shop stores

The Body Shop stores

London, United Kingdom

Bamboo tables

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

Roma, Italy

Bamboo veneer in Inbisa Head Office

Inbisa Head Office

Barcelona, Spain