MOSO Bamboo X-treme outdoor beams

bamboo x-treme® outdoor beams

A unique heat treatment process and increased density (by compressing the bamboo strips) makes these beams extremely stable and durable. MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® beams are for example suitable for outdoor furniture and facades. In fact, the application possibilities are only limited by the creativity of the architect who works with the material!

Thermo-Density process for durability and fire safety

The high-quality properties of the beams are achieved by a unique Thermo-Density process perfected by MOSO®. Contrary to other materials for outdoor use, no harmful chemical additives such as fire retardants are used. Bamboo X-treme® materials reach the highest durability class possible in the appropriate EU norms and the European fire safety class B.

Beautiful façades and shutters with Bamboo X-treme® beams

Bamboo X-treme® outdoor beams are a safe and ecological choice for cladding façades. The beams add a natural, high-quality finish to any building. As with most materials used outdoors, the colour of the material changes under the influence of wind, rain, frost and sunshine (UV-light). The colour changes to a typical weathered natural grey-tone, however, this has no effect on the quality and durability of the material.

One of the biggest advantages of Bamboo X-treme® in façades and shutters is their low maintenance. When you leave the material in the final natural grey-tone, the appearance remains stable. Since the fire-retardant properties are achieved by the high density and thermo process, and not by externally applied fire retardants, subsequent regular treatment to maintain them is not necessary.

The sustainable choice for outdoor furniture

MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® is a natural, ecological alternative to tropical timber beams and boards. They not only withstand the weather, but also less susceptible to vandalism than many commonly used woods, thanks to the hardness.

MOSO® develops outdoor furniture together with leading manufacturers. The Bamboo X-treme® beams for benches, chairs and tables are available in a standard range and can be customized for partners. They are as ecological and weather-resistant as they are durable and beautiful. Municipalities, among others, see the need for sustainable decisions for the further development of inner cities and opt for outdoor furniture made of bamboo.

Exceptional quality meets sustainability

MOSO® guarantees the highest quality of its products by controlling it during the complete manufacturing process. From strip to final product, the own quality control teams make sure that strict European standards are met. MOSO® is the only bamboo supplier that has certifications for all its products, which are available on the website or on request.

Whilst product excellence being one of the core values of MOSO®, sustainability is also the beating heart of our daily work. Bamboo is not only the fastest growing building material in the world, with a growing speed of up to 1 meter per day; it is also a rapidly renewable material that is abundantly available in all (sub)tropical regions of the world. MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® products are carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative during their whole life cycle, which has been proven by a Life Cycle Assessment report of the TU Delft. That makes bamboo the sustainable and naturally beautiful solution for all different kinds of outdoor applications.


CO2 neutral

MOSO has commissioned Delft University of Technology to execute an official LCA... more about CO2 neutral bamboo

Contribution LEED & BREEAM

Additional credits for the leading green building certification programs... more about bamboo and LEED & BREEAM

Durability - Class 1

Bamboo outdoor material with durability class 1 (EN350) tested following CEN/TS 15083-1... more about bamboo durability

Use Class 4

Class 4 in accordance with EN335 (use/risk class)... more about bamboo products in different use classes

Fire safety - Class B-s1-d0 (EN 13501-1)

The fire safety of products can be classified ranging from... more about bamboo and fire safety

High hardness (Brinell kg/mm2)

Exceptionally hard: Brinell >9,5kg/mm2 (hardest wood available).

Bamboo x-treme® (outdoor beams) styles

High Density® Thermo-Treated oiled

High Density® Thermo-Treated

Bamboo X-treme® | Outdoor beams

Bamboo X-treme® outdoor beams