Bamboo veneer BMW Dashboard

MOSO® Bamboo Unlimited Solutions

Besides the broad assortment of flooring, panels & veneer and outdoor products, MOSO® is able to develop unique customised bamboo solutions for industrial clients that meet exceptionally high demands. Applications like heavy duty flooring, bamboo ceilings and special computer flooring ask for a special treatment of materials, for which MOSO® created customised solutions.

Together with clients MOSO® has co-created unique bamboo solutions for a whole range of industries including the furniture, automotive, kitchen, consumer goods, computer, and green building industry.

Bamboo UltraDensity®

Heavy duty flooring for semi-outdoor high traffic areas

Locations like train stations, airports, malls, or museums require special flooring with exceptional qualities, tested and certified to the highest standards. These very high performance standards are virtually impossible to achieve with wood flooring. MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring can meet the highest requirements, making it a unique product for the use of biobased materials in modern architecture.

Bamboo UltraDensity® heavy duty flooring

Computer flooring

The MOSO® toplayer for elevated flooring is a 1-ply bamboo tile pressed on a support panel. The tiles have a very high hardness and wear resistance.

Bamboo computer flooring or elevated flooring

Ceiling board

The MOSO®  Bamboo Ceiling Board consists of 5 layers of bamboo veneer which are pressed cross wise to ensure stability and flexibility. The board is impregnated with fire retardant to meet very strict fire norms in Europe and the USA.



Ceiling board datasheet

Bamboo E-quine stable planks

Bamboo stable planks are an ecological alternative to wood. MOSO® Bamboo E-quine is heavy (up to 1150 kg/m3) and very solid and therefore perfect for demanding applications such as horse stables.

Bamboo E-quine stable planks

special applications

Bamboo ceiling in Madrid International Airport

Madrid International Airport

Madrid, Spain

Bamboo elevated flooring in Campus Palmas Altas Sevilla

Campus Palmas Altas Sevilla

Sevilla, Spain

Bamboo doors Isala clinic REINÆRDT

Isala clinic - REINÆRDT doors

Zwolle, Netherlands

Bamboo veneer in Lexus 450 Car Interior

Lexus 450 Car Interior


Bamboo elevated flooring in office Timmerhuis Rotterdam

Timmerhuis Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Bamboo beams for heavy lifting

Mammoet Jacking Beams

Schiedam, the Netherlands

Bamboo flooring in trainstation

SNCF - Railway Station Bordeaux - Saint Jean

Bordeaux, France