Bamboo wood in CityLife Shopping District

CityLife Shopping District – Podium Zaha Hadid

Milan, Italy

Bamboo flooring, ceiling, walls, door and windowframes in Hotel Jakarta

Hotel Jakarta

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bamboo walls and ceiling in the Thames Tower

Thames Tower

London, United Kingdom

Bamboo Guitars by Bastien Burlot

Bastien Burlot Guitar

Aubazine, France

Bamboo N-finity indoor beams in Klöckner Pentaplast B.V.

Klöckner Pentaplast GmbH

Montabaur, Germany

Bamboo flooring, walls, window frame and furniture in Campus The Hague

University Leiden - Campus The Hague

The Hague, The Netherlands

Bamboo beams for heavy lifting

Mammoet Jacking Beams

Schiedam, the Netherlands

Bamboo Folding/Sliding shutters at the Catholic University Lira Offices

Catholic University Lira Offices

Santiago de Chile, Chile

Bamboo stairs in Ricoh Office

Ricoh Office Bergen op Zoom

Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands

Side Pressed Caramel

Side Pressed Caramel

Bamboo N-finity | Outdoor laminated beams and cladding

Bamboo N-finity beam

Bamboo flooring in Emmenfeld Retirement Home Emmen

Emmenfeld Retirement Home

Emmen, Switzerland

Bamboo N-finity outdoor laminated beams

Bamboo N-finity | Outdoor laminated beams and cladding


MOSO® Bamboo N-finity beams

Beams Outdoor

Durability - Class 1

Bamboo outdoor material with durability class 1 (EN350) tested following CEN/TS 15083-1...more about bamboo durability

Bamboo Alquier Guitar

Alquier Guitar

Perpignan, France

Bamboo beams in Arneg S.P.A. Headquarter

Arneg S.P.A. Headquarter

Marsango, Italy

Bamboo beam

Side Pressed Natural

Solid beam | Solid joist

Solid Beam (indoor)

Bamboo beam

Side Pressed Caramel

Solid beam | Solid joist

Solid Beam (indoor)

High Density® Thermo-Treated oiled

High Density® Thermo-Treated oiled

Bamboo X-treme® | Outdoor beams

Bamboo X-treme® outdoor beams

Bamboo beam

High Density® Caramel

Solid beam | Solid joist

Solid Beam (indoor)

Bamboo table by Guido Zwerts

Guido Zwerts Furniture - Dutch Design Week

Bussum, Netherlands

Bamboo doors Isala clinic REINÆRDT

Isala clinic - REINÆRDT doors

Zwolle, Netherlands