Bamboo Elite floor

Bamboo Elite | solid wide board

Grand Collection

long and wide boards - 100% bamboo

Bamboo Industriale floor

Bamboo Industriale | industrial flooring

Eternal Collection

Striking look and strength

Bamboo floor Purebamboo

Purebamboo | Solid strip

Dynamic Collection

economical and 100% bamboo



MOSO Bamboo Products

MOSO Bamboo | bamboo flooring beams, panels, veneer and decking

The official homepage of MOSO Bamboo Products - the world leader in bamboo.

E.Rijper Kitchen

The Netherlands

Bamboo Panel Kitchzen Kitchen

Kitchzen Kitchens

The Netherlands

Bamboo flooring in Topolo Pompo Restaurant

Topolo Pompo Restaurant

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Bamboo timber beams

Solid beam | Solid joist

Bamboo beam, panel & veneer

MOSO® Solid Beam (indoor)

Bamboo panels

1-ply Panel

Bamboo beam, panel & veneer

MOSO® 1-ply Panel

bamboo worktops solid panel

Solid Panel

Bamboo beam, panel & veneer

MOSO® Solid Panel

Bamboo Flooring, wall, furniture Tel-Aviv University (PSES)

Tel-Aviv University (PSES)

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Bamboo elevated flooring in Campus Palmas Altas Sevilla

Campus Palmas Altas Sevilla

Sevilla, Spain

Bamboo flooring and bamboo walls in Alta Diagonal Barcelona

Alta Diagonal Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Bamboo façade X-treme Lentini's Pizza Restaurant

Lentini's Pizza & Restaurant

Turino, Italy

Bamboo Solida floor

Bamboo Solida | solid wide board

Grand Collection

hard as stone, beautiful as wood

Bamboo Supreme floor | MOSO® Bamboo flooring specialist

Bamboo Supreme | 2-ply flooring

Eternal Collection

Perfect compromise between durability and stability