Bamboo wood in CityLife Shopping District

CityLife Shopping District – Podium Zaha Hadid

Milan, Italy

bamboo heavy duty flooring

Bamboo UltraDensity® heavy duty flooring

Bamboo Unlimited

Heavy duty flooring for semi-outdoor high traffic areas

Bamboo cladding in National Museum Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci

National Museum Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci

Milan, Italy

Industrial bamboo flooring in offices

PostParc Mitte

Bern, Switzerland

Industrial bamboo flooring in Business complex

Welle 7 Business complex

Bern, Switzerland

Bamboo flooring striped in office

Südwestmetall Head Office

Esslingen, Germany

Bamboo flooring, furniture, door and windowframes in modern office in Iran

Modern Elahieh Office

Tehran, Iran

Bamboo flooring in Rabobank bank office

Rabobank bank office Nijmegen

Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Bamboo stairs in Ricoh Office

Ricoh Office Bergen op Zoom

Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands

Bamboo benches and floors at Schiphol airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Schiphol, the Netherlands

High Density® Caramel

High Density® Caramel

Bamboo computer flooring or elevated flooring

Bamboo Computer Flooring

Bamboo at Paris Gare de Lyon

SNCF - Railway Station Paris Gare de Lyon

Paris, France

Bamboo stair of NBD Biblion-Zoetermeer

NBD Biblion Zoetermeer

Zoetermeer, Netherlands