Bamboo interior in a yacht made by Altena Yachting

Altena Yachting

Raamsdonkveer, The Netherlands

Bamboo panels used in Chalet at Gaustatoppen

Chalet at Gaustatoppen

Rjukan, Norway

Bamboo flooring and stair in Het Gelders Huis

Het Gelders Huis

Arhem, The Netherlands

Bamboo Panels in Erasmus University - Sanders Building

Erasmus University - Sanders Building

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Bamboo acoustic panels in Docks Office

Docks Office

Brussels, Belgium

Bamboo ceiling and stairs in Prinses Máxima Centrum

Prinses Máxima Centrum

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Bamboo wood in CityLife Shopping District

CityLife Shopping District – Podium Zaha Hadid

Milan, Italy

Furniture made of bamboo by Robuust Amsterdam

Robuust Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bamboo Panel applied in Lexus lounge

Lexus Lounge at Brussels Airport

Zaventem, Belgium

Bamboo furniture in Oasis Restaurant

Oasis Restaurant

Ariel Sharon Park, Israël

Bamboo flooring, ceiling, walls, door and windowframes in Hotel Jakarta

Hotel Jakarta

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bamboo lighting made by Minima

Minima Lighting

Cape Town, South Africa

Bamboo furniture in Hermes City Plaza

Hermes City Plaza

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Bamboo Longwave Landsurfing Boards

Longwave Landsurfing Boards


Bamboo flooring, decking, window frames and furniture in Van Oord Gorinchem

Van Oord Gorinchem

Gorinchem, The Netherlands

Bamboo stairs and furniture in Public Elementary School "IKC De Toverberg"

Public Elementary School "IKC De Toverberg"

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Bamboo Guitars by Bastien Burlot

Bastien Burlot Guitar

Aubazine, France

Bamboo flooring, wallcovering and ceiling in Rishonim Mall

Rishonim Mall

Rishon Letzion, Israël

Bamboo wallcovering and furniture in Rishonim Office

Rishonim Office

Risjon Letsion, Israël

Bamboo Doors and Window frames in Kolleksjesintrum Fryslân

Kolleksjesintrum Fryslân (Depot Friesland)

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Bamboo Doors and Window frames in Atlas theater in Emmen

Atlas Theater

Emmen, The Netherlands