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Bamboo traffic sign reduces CO2 emissions significantly

In cooperation with HR Group, MOSO® has developed the first bamboo traffic sign as an alternative to the well-known aluminum ones. The basis for the traffic sign is Bamboo Ultimate: a panel made of solid bamboo strips that are laminated into three layers. The bamboo panel has been impregnated for outdoor use.

Partners in the development of bamboo traffic signs

MOSO® supplies the Bamboo Ultimate traffic sign custom made for HR Groep. The Dutch expert in Traffic Safety, Signage, and Design of Public Space completes the sign with the desired Ultimate Signing information carrier. As a test, the first traffic signs were placed in the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch in mid-2017. By early 2018, the bamboo traffic signs still fully meet expectations. Additionally, the traffic sign has been extensively tested by SGS Intron (AKI) for the required CE standard EN 12899-1. The CE mark was granted in March 2018. Successful tests have been carried out with 3M to demonstrate that the image carrier has a good adhesion to the board.

Bamboo road signs more environmentally friendly than aluminum

Government, municipalities and other purchasers of traffic signs continually set themselves the goal of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In the production of traffic signs, aluminum is extensively used. Although aluminum can be recycled well, the production results in significant CO2 emissions. Bamboo is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than aluminum because it is made from the fastest growing plant in the world and is completely renewable. MOSO® bamboo products are proven CO2 neutral or better (positive for our environment) over the full life cycle.

Alternative to aluminum is durable, hard and stable

Although giant bamboo is formally a grass and not wood, it has excellent hardwood properties, including high hardness and durability. Because Bamboo Ultimate consists of separate bamboo strips, the panels have less movement (less shrink & swell) than solid wood, resulting in a very stable solution. Traffic sign stability is one of the most important characteristics: the board must remain flat for years in spite of the weather and the information carrier covering one side. Thanks to a special impregnation process, MOSO® Bamboo Ultimate achieves the highest durability class according to European standard EN 350. In some countries the theft of aluminium road signs (for their scrap value), is common, with high cost and safety consequences. Bamboo Ultimate has no scrap value, so is not attractive to thieves.

International introduction of bamboo traffic signs

During Intertraffic 2018 in Amsterdam, the largest international trade fair in the field of traffic, HR Group will introduce the Smart Ultimate Sign Sustainable Plus traffic signs. The bamboo traffic signs will be presented in combination with the Smart sensor that can track possible damage, and the Ultimate Signing information carrier. The information carrier consists of an environmentally friendly reflective foil with a digital print and is protected by a UV-resistant transparent coating.

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Bamboo Ultimate traffic sign

Bamboo Ultimate (traffic sign)

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