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Urban Village Fünf Morgen residential project in Berlin

FSC® certified bamboo decking in the first DGNB certified residential project

November 2017. MOSO, Zwaag/NL.- The residential area 'Dauphine Dahlem Urban Village' is currently being built in the 50,000 m² area of the former Truman Plaza in Berlin. The residential area, with apartments, villas and penthouses, is the first project in Berlin with a pre-certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The landscape design is inspired by the nature of the Brandenburger lake and the buildings are placed on the resulting peninsulas. All materials for the buildings had to comply with the DGNB guidelines. The architects of STOFANEL relied on bamboo for the terraces and balconies. The decking of this natural material is extremely robust and durable. A total of 1,750 m² of FSC®-certified MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® boards have been installed on the balconies and terraces.

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Urban village: ecological sustainability and community life

The new residential complex was built on the large open space that is named after the American president Truman. The urban village combines a variety of harmonious styles. Out of respect for the environment, STOFANEL placed great importance to the use of low-emission and natural materials. The large windows and spacious terraces are visually impressive. Partly thanks to the high-quality natural decking boards made of thermally treated bamboo, extra living spaces have been created outside.

Thermally treated bamboo for spacious terraces

The architects opted for MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® for the balconies and terraces, with a total area of 1,750 m². The selection was not only based on the appearance and the ecological advantages, but the technical characteristics of the bamboo decking are convincing as well. The boards with FSC® certification reach the highest durability class (EN350 / CEN TS 15083-2, resistance test).

Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel, art director of STOFANEL, is convinced: "quality of life also includes ecological sustainability, as well as a shared life that, through the cohesion of neighbors, ensures a warm and caring atmosphere." True to this precept, the Urban Village was built in accordance with the German standard for passive houses (KfW70 following EnEV 2009). The area only uses environmentally friendly geothermal energy for heat generation and received the DGNB certificate as the first residential project in Berlin

Full documentation proves the quality

The quality and longevity of Bamboo X-treme®, the understandable test reports, the complete certification and positive experiences convinced the design team. MOSO® accomplishes the high quality of the decking through extensive thermal compression treatment at 200°C, without the use of fungicides, pesticides or coatings. Through this natural, unique process, the bamboo is not only very stable and weather resistant, but also achieves fire class B-s1-do according to EN13501-1. This also meets the requirements for installations in public buildings.

Naturally resistant to fungi

The balanced combination of two processes - compressing the bamboo in combination with a special thermal treatment - makes Bamboo X-treme® resistant to fungi, also in direct contact with soil (class 0 according to EN 152). In addition, it limits long-term cracking and deformation (Durability class 1 according to EN350 / CEN TS 15083-2, more than 25 years lifetime). The solid bamboo decking is therefore an ecological, economical and sustainable solution for demanding construction projects. At >Funf Morgen Urban Village< in Berlin Dahlem they form, with their natural appearance, the connection between the surrounding landscape and the architecture of the residential and working areas.

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