Bamboo flooring in shop

Robust and natural: the hardest bamboo flooring

Shop concepts must meet the requirements of the emotional brand experience as well as the rational corporate demands for efficiency and feasibility. As one of the largest surfaces to be designed in the room, the floor covering plays an essential role. With the expressiveness of the modern raw material bamboo, refined with the unique Density® process, MOSO® flooring offers not only an extremely valuable and robust solution, but also a natural and sustainable solution.

Thanks to the enormous hardness of approx. 9 Brinell, the elegant look of the Density® floor flooring is retained even at high user frequency: MOSO® offers a 30-year guarantee. Since the flooring meets the requirements of fire protection class Cfl-s1 according to EN 13501-1, it’s fully suitable for commercial areas. At the same time, these elegant floors symbolize sustainable thinking and responsible action: MOSO® solid bamboo flooring is CO2 neutral throughout the products lifecycle.

High Density® bamboo production

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It is not destroyed during the harvest, but grows even better like grass. Because of its characteristics, bamboo is therefore often referred to as the wood of the 21st century.