bamboo forest


MOSO® supports Bambú Social

'Because bamboo can be social'

Bambú Social shares knowledge and expertise about natural local resources as an alternative to conventional construction methods. The focus on bamboo and the enthusiastic group of people driving the projects that support people in Nicaragua, are the main reasons why MOSO® is happy to support Bambú Social!

Together with local students and craftsmen Bambú Social designed and built a pilot for a sustainable model house in Rama, Nicaragua. In this area inferior building techniques are used often: usually cheap, polluting materials are applied, creating a warm, humid and unhealthy interior climate. Recent research shows Nicaragua has the poorest quality of housing in all of Latin America and a housing deficit of 12%.

Bambú Social works together with resourceful local craftsmen and students to build a sustainable and affordable model home with local materials. The goal is to make the people of Rama more self-sufficient – independent of non-local systems – and let them live in better quality, more comfortable homes. For these houses, local materials are used as much as possible, which in Rama’s case means the locally grown bamboo. It grows way more quickly than conventional construction wood and can absorb big amounts of CO2 which it converts into oxygen.

MOSO's marketing manager José de Ruijter-Luken explains: 'By supporting Bambú Social, we indirectly support the local people in Nicaragua that benefit from housing that fits the local circumstances. Bambú Social's principles of 'Do, Learn and Share' are a perfect match with MOSO's company spirit and a good starting point to support the project team with bamboo knowledge and more.'

For more information about the projects and activities organised by Bambú Social, please visit their website: