MOSO exhibits at Material Xperience 2018

MOSO exhibits at Material Xperience 2018

Visit MOSO and learn all about MOSO Bamboo UltraDensity heavy duty flooring

MOSO will again present a part of the broad assortment bamboo products during Material Xperience 2018. Material Xperience, the yearly materials event for architects and other creative professionals, will take place from Tuesday, March 13th to Thursday, March 15th in Ahoy, Rotterdam. The theme of this upcoming edition is ‘Meet the future of materials.’ For MOSO the message is clear: The future is bamboo. MOSO will showcase the new Bamboo UltraDensity collection: heavy duty flooring and stair panels. MOSO's Sustainabilty Manager Pablo van der Lugt will take part in the expert session "Booming Bamboo" at Tuesday afternoon.

See you in Rotterdam!

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Bamboo UltraDensity®

Heavy duty flooring for semi-outdoor high traffic areas

MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® is a solid bamboo flooring board and stair panel made from compressed bamboo strips with an Ultra-High Density®. With a unique production method, the material is extremely stable, hard and durable and therefore suitable for the toughest conditions: in very high traffic areas and even in semi-outdoor (covered but not closed) areas.

Bamboo UltraDensity® heavy duty flooring

Booming Bamboo

You can weave it, spin it into fabric, even 3D print it. Bamboo is one of the most versatile materials in the world, yet it is still relatively unknown in world of design. The first book of its kind, Booming Bamboo, written by Dr Pablo van der Lugt and published by Materia, explores the applications for this material, in architecture and design, but also in a multitude of other modern applications. The highlights of the book will be presented during the afternoon session in the Partner Theater at Tuesday from 13.45h.