bamboo decking

MOSO® and GRAD present a unique solution for the new generation of bamboo terraces 

February 18, 2019. Moso International B.V., pioneer of innovative bamboo solutions for indoor and outdoor use, and GRAD, the new generation terrace brand, combine their expertise to offer a complete turnkey wooden terrace solution, based on the unique and patented "Grad System" installation system and the bamboo decking board, MOSO® Bamboo X-treme®.

GRAD, a revolution in terrace constructions

GRAD has developed a unique installation system to simplify the installation and dismantling of terraces. This major innovation in the field of decking construction is based on a patented technical principle: aluminium rails with 4 profiles of different heights, all pre-equipped with GRAD clips for decking.

The system guarantees a deck with invisible clips for the most aesthetic and durable result.

The system offers many advantages:

  • Straight and precise - the pre-assembly of the clips on the rails is carried out at GRAD.
  • Fast - just align the clips, level and clip the boards.
  • Improved decking durability - no contact between the decking boards and the joists, guaranteed ventilation gaps between boards, no screws and therefore no water infiltration in the material. 
  • Convenient - the decking is 100% removable, using a simple key.

The result: an elegant deck without visible fastening, perfect ventilation distances, high quality materials and a structural guarantee of up to 30 years. The proven system celebrates its 13th anniversary and more than 1,200,000 m² of terraces are installed with the GRAD system.

MOSO® Bamboo X-treme®, 25-year warranty on bamboo decking

MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® decking

MOSO® uses a unique production process combining heat treatment at 200°C with very high density to increase the hardness and stability. This double treatment makes the bamboo suitable for outdoor applications like decking. MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® can also be used in many outdoor applications, such as cladding and shutters. Like tropical woods, MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® deck will colourfade and gradually turn grey, giving it a very natural look.

Bamboo X-treme® has excellent properties:

  • Durability: Use Class 4 (EN335) - Biological Durability Class 1 (EN350)
  • Strength and hardness: extremely high density of 1150 kg/m3 - Brinell hardness >9.5kg/mm²
  • Stability: very low expansion coëfficient
  • Fireproof: fire resistance Class Bfl-s1-d0 for decking
  • Ecological: proven CO2 neutral, offers additional LEED and BREEAM credits
  • Multiple applications: decking, cladding, street furniture, pergola, blinds, screens, shutters and more
  • Low maintenance

The joint solution will be marketed in Europe (starting in France, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland) through the large network of approved GRAD installers and the MOSO® international B.V. distributors.


MOSO® bamboo, an ecological alternative to exotic woods

Moso bamboo is a fast-growing and highly resistant Chinese bamboo species. Although bamboo is not a wood but a grass, it has excellent mechanical characteristics after production, that can exceed those of tropical woods: it is very hard and resistant. Additionally to the fast growth speed: the longer the lifecycle of the product, the lower the environmental impact. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth: up to one meter per day! The plant does not die after harvesting (as is the case with trees), so its cultivation does not cause deforestation.

Moso bamboo is also easy to recycle. It can be used as a raw material to make chipboard, but it can also be burned in a thermal power plant or biomass site to produce electricity.

Finally, Moso bamboo captures more CO2 than the emission produced during its entire production and transport. All MOSO® Bamboo solid products (floors, terraces, cladding, panels and veneers) have a neutral carbon footprint over their entire life cycle.

GRAD - 30 years of experience!

GRAD is the number one terrace brand in France, Switzerland and Belgium, and the choice of a turnkey solution thanks to a large network of approved installers. Their know-how and initiative have earned them a reputation for excellence that extends beyond the country's borders, thanks to their many patented and award-winning concepts.

Thanks to their experience, grad can claim to provide a solution to the most demanding and innovative requests.... Since 2010, the commitment to no longer offer wood from deforestation has been respected. This philosophy of sustainable development combined perfectly with MOSO bamboo.