Solid Panel

Solid Panel

MOSO® solid panel is a visually appealing board product that consists of multiple layers of bamboo.

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Bamboo furniture in restaurant Bijenkorf Amsterdam

Bijenkorf Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bamboo elevated flooring in Campus Palmas Altas Sevilla

Campus Palmas Altas Sevilla

Sevilla, Spain

Bamboo Flooring, wall, furniture Tel-Aviv University (PSES)

Tel-Aviv University (PSES)

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Bamboo Flooring Fugro

Fugro TechCenter

Nootdorp, The Netherlands

Bamboo Chocolate Douwe Egberts Coffee & Tea Bar Amsterdam

Douwe Egberts Coffee & Tea Bar Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

bamboo worktops solid panel

Solid Panel

Bamboo beam, panel & veneer

MOSO® Solid Panel

Bamboo ceiling Madrid

Bamboo Beam, Panel & Veneer

MOSO® Bamboo Beam, Panel & Veneer

Bamboo Panel Kitchzen Kitchen

Kitchzen Kitchens

The Netherlands

E.Rijper Kitchen

The Netherlands